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Greg after his 7th World Tour in 2014 & Evelyn her 4th, both finally sharing with the Continent of Africa, decided to stay based in Outback Victoria, Australia on their Keyes Oasis Retreat.  Evelyn ran her Swim and Aquatic Exercise Business whilst Greg focussed on creating many new materials for Leadership Studies, various Wellness & Aquatics in the Theory domains, Interpersonal Skills Methodologies, Research and Project Development Methodologies along with many other topics and after 4 years in mid 2018 neared the completion of many works.

2018 saw them start again travelling to IAFC2018 in Tampa, Florida, USA, where they not only met at IAFC2001 in Sanibel Island, Florida, but were excited to again re-link with many hundreds of their Friends / Colleagues and Mentors from across the Globe and form many new wonderful Colleague friends.

Greg & Evelyn on behalf of GAIN*GLOW were also proud (In memory of Greg's mother Shirley Keyes) sponsered the wonderful Rose Hartzenberg from South Africa.  This sponsership was in recognition of her unselfish contribution and drive in creating the now hugely Global 'Worldwide Aquathon', which initially 6 years ago began only in South Africa and with the assistance of GAIN*GAIN saw in November, 2017 over 80 Countries at many hundreds of Venues.

Currently November, 2018 appears destined to be even a far greater success reaching many Hundreds of Thousands of Clients and raising many Hundreds of Thousands of Dollars / Euros / Pesos / Yen, you name the currency!!!   It is on the second Saturday in November at the same time around the Globe.  It raises money for the Charity of participating Aquatic Venues choice, similtaneously promoting all forms of Aquatic Exercise and Therapies.

As part of the Sponsership, Rose received Return Airfares from South Africa to Tampa, Florida, USA, Accomodation at the IAFC2018 venue at 'Innsbrook Golf Resort', Tampa, Florida, along with all Sessions selected for IAFC2018 and IAFC2018 Events.

Apart from attending IAFC2018 in May, Greg & Evelyn in July also travelled to Europe, Japan & Hong Kong. 

They will be sharing their various works again later in 2018 early 2019, with the release Globally of a major new extensive Course along with multiple new materials for the Wellness, Leadership & Interpersonal Communication Industries & Swim Teaching.

Evelyn is about to release her 3rd book on Swim Teaching this time on 'Games for Teachers of Swimming'.  It focusses on Infants, Beginners and Intermediate Children and shares many new concepts to make Swim Teaching, both fun and exciting for the Clients as well as the Teacher.

The latest video Blog released on August 15, 2018, shares some of Evelyn and Greg's Adventures of the past and this years happenings of this years Aquatic Wellness Tour along links with Land Execise, Leadership focus and of course dear friends and colleagues across the Globe.

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A sample of Workshop's and Master Classes created and available from Greg & Evelyn Keyes (Australia)

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