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A sample of Workshop's and Master Classes created and available from Greg & Evelyn Keyes (Australia)

Posted on 23 August, 2014 at 2:35



‘The Greatest Vehicle ever created – YOU!


Human anatomy and physiology is like climbing a ladder- you take it one step at a time, but you never quite reach the top of this ladder simply because the human body is so complicated. Review of basic knowledge is critical to continued effective practice. Go on an entertaining journey of the 11 systems of the body with Dr. Keyes where he relates the human body to a motor vehicle. Great base review material with interesting body facts included to help make this vital information stick.


A FLS cyber course is available with CEC’s linked for a plethora of Organisations.




"The Ultimate Performance and Presentation Skills Workshop"


A workshop designed for any person who fronts any type of audience.


Areas covered in this very hands on workshop are voice care and control, motivation methods, performance skills enhancement, nerve control and development, body language and body skills. A host of performance awareness techniques that will lift motivation and leave you with a new-found confidence. Mr. Keyes has over 35 years’ experience as a performer and 25 years as a director, producer, choreographer, designer, etc. He has been artistic director for a number of organisations and been acknowledged and published as an innovator/creator of theatre concepts by the international theatre institute and who's who of theatre, USA.


A FLS Cyber Course is available with CEC’s linked for a plethora of Organisations.



“Under the Microscope - You”


An in-depth Workshop sharing and investigating the potential within all, and the cultivation of great Teaching Methodologies linked with Analytical Research materials that opens one’s eye to their teaching abilities (Current and Future development!). This course shares a multitude of skills and knowledge that will help develop all who present or teach in group or one-on-one settings to ensure your professionalism remains "top of your game." Use these skills to provide an example of leadership that other health-fitness professionals want to emulate.


A FLS Cyber Course is available with CEC’s linked for a plethora of Organisations.  


"Beauty and the Beast"


Exercise demonstration and prescription is a topic that every health-fitness professional needs to constantly consider and can often be neglected due to experience and complacency.


This could result in inadvertent poor example/demonstration techniques, and less than optimal planned prescription.


These morsels of tips, hints and in some cases in your face frank observations for group, small group, and personal training applications are shared to ensure your professionalism remains top of your game and keeps your clients coming back for more. This workshop is very hands on! All subjects mentioned below will be covered, with most of the notes being anagram style. The purpose is to reinforce the content by requiring participants to complete it during the lecture part of session.


This session is also very much a subliminal method per way of slapstick comedy mixed with elegant correctness of demonstration to participants of the importance of correct techniques, posture, care and demonstration, without losing the focus of motivating clients.


A FLS Cyber Course is available with CEC’s linked for a plethora of Organisations.  


"The Golden Age - Seniors"

A Research and Land/Aqua based Workshop that explores, and enhances both the possibilities in various programs and teaching for Seniors no matter what the physical capabilities.  It delves into the possibiltiies for Wellness enhancement and movement for clients who may be bed ridden, whellchair bound, movement difficultuties outside of sitting, Seated Wellness and everything else up to Elite Senior Fitness Levels.  A major focus is on Cognitive stimulation utilizing multiple methods to enhance endorphin release.

"Take the Leap. Bridge the Gap"


This workshop has been designed to help instructors to take the leap and bridge the gap between themselves and the many special populations. To be enlightened a little more to their needs and wants.


It also shows many techniques of being able to bring the instructor down to the rapport and pitching style relevant to each group. It also shows further methods of being able to have multiple special populations, such as children and the elderly simultaneously and marry a fabulous rapport and flow between all.



"Aqua Adventure Blitz"


This Workshop is a high intensity, aerobic-anaerobic, interval styled presentation.

It is split into two sections, one section which helps instructors to develop classes aimed at specialized sports clients. The other is to equip instructors with a host of new moves to add to their arsenal of exercises.


The practical component utilizes an interval music tape, of 2 minutes segments, with multiple varieties of music and choreography.



‘The Aquatic Traffic Jam'


A Workshop that utilising music featuring variations of Styles linked with Formation and Group activity that can take large classes and coordinate such allowing plenty of room and space available in pools, at the same time stimulating the cognitive process to expel endorphins into the clients bodies for the entire session!.



"CXT - The Interval Pyramid Matrix Megamix"


A workshop which is the pinnacle of Body Sculpt Technique. It shows many methods using and demonstrating matrix, pyramid principles, mixed with interval training, to achieve the maximum result for body sculpting in either the aqua environment or land based classes.


For the aquatic environment, we analyse the principles of water and adaptation to these sculpting methods, particularly the various methods of pyramiding, using drag, suspension, lever length and speed.



"Aqua around the World"


This workshop is a thematic styled presentation with lateral thinking/creativity and choreography as the main linchpin. It is split into two sections, one section which helps instructors to develop theme style classes and step out of their comfort zone to approach many other areas of client and style.


The practical component has over 17 varieties of different nationality music and choreography of the relevant countries.


The movements and choreography has been adapted for the aquatic environment. All choreography has easy learning curves, and utilises most commonly used aquatic movements.



Master Classes:




"Aerobics-Cabaret Style"


A master class which Greg has presented before Her Royal Highness the Princess of Thailand. It combines techniques of discovering your individual strengths as a presenter/instructor and adapting them to enhance your presentation skills as a presenter/instructor.


In Greg Keyes' case, his background is 30 years in theatre/cabaret and Screen.



‘Aquatic Colours’


A Master class utilising music featuring colours and motion that captivates such within the Aquatic Sphere.



‘Aquatic Traffic Jam'


A Master class utilising music featuring variations of Styles linked with Formation and Group activity that can take large classes and coordinate such allowing plenty of oom and space available in pools, at the same time stimulating the cognitive process to expel endorphins into the clients bodies for the entire session!




"The Aqua Assassins” "Self Defence - Land or Aqua"


A master class in various styles of martial arts and self-defence then adapted to the land aerobic or aquatic environment to build strength, control, technique and self-preservation skills.


Mr. Keyes is a martial artist in 3 styles: "Tae Kwon Do, Wing Chun and Choy Li Fut".


Mr. Keyes formulated his own style in 1974 called Keydo Gung Fu and ran a very successful academy, prior to going into the Entertainment Industry. Mr. Keyes was 16+ years in the Victoria Police Force (awarded the national medal of australia) and as part of his duties while serving in the public relations division (6 years) taught self defence techniques that could be utilised immediately by the trainees. Mr Keyes was also 2 years in the Australian Protective Service / Australian Federal Police and during this time a active member of CTFR Unit (Counter Terrorist First Response Unit)


Other master classes on offer:


"Aqua Assassins"


"Aqua - Cabaret Style"


"Aqua around the World"


"Chariots of Aqua- Olympic Theme"


"Duelling Domains - Land vs Aquatics"

"Gone with the Aerobics/Aqua - Movie Themes"


"Attack of the Monster Instructor - Horror Themes"


"Mission Fitness - Secret Agent Theme"


"Rocky Horror meets Priscilla Aerobic"


(As you may have guessed Apparently Greg & Evelyn gets bored just doing the same thing week after week!)


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